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(from € 70,00 per day for groups of more than 5 riders)

Our Enduro courses are provided taking into account two fundamental aspects of this specialty: the National and International experience gained from our coaches in years of competitions and the certification from the Italian Motorcycle Federation as a guarantee of authority and professionalism for all professional and non-professional riders.
The goal is to teach, for those who are beginners, or deepen, for intermediate and experienced riders, the off-road driving techniques on unconventional tracks (different from MX Tracks) characterized by unexpected obstacles and rough ground. Our exceptional Enduro location gives the riders the opportunity to experience all the specific off-road Enduro techniques and improve every aspect of your driving skills enjoying the pleasure of driving surrounded by the nature.

The courses are designed for all the off-road Enduro enthusiasts of all ages, from children to adults and they will be divided, at the beginning of every lesson, in groups according to their ability and driving experience, being able to put into practice the techniques learned for various difficulties and experiencing different type of soil.
The teaching programs provides for every level of rider’s skills, targeted and customized exercises with the aim to investigate every aspect of the off-road Enduro driving technique: from enduro tests to driving position in every easy or difficult situation.
We will analyze with all the riders the technical aspect and the criticality of each situation in order to improve speed. There will be also lap timing for groups of more advanced level riders.

The courses for both children and adults are conducted by certified technical and instructors of the Italian Motorcycle Federation (FMI) and professional riders, according to the official schedules for riders aged more than 6 years old.

The courses formula can be one day (usually Saturday or Sunday) or weekend in which you have 2 days available to ride, with a maximum number of 12 riders per day. (the maximum number of riders for each coach is 6/7 to avoid having a too much dispersive environment and be able to work with precision and concreteness).

Our motocross schools may provide transportation to the track for both bike and rider (with a small charge) and the ticket for the Enduro track is 10€ charged to the rider.


h. 9:00am – Morning:
- Meeting at the scheduled location (transportation possibility)
- Bike unload and technical briefing
- Teaching of the first technical notions
- Heating with physical exercise
- Heating with bike (the first laps allow the riders to become familiar with the Enduro track and obstacles and the coaches to assess the skill level of every rider)
- Specific exercises related to the endure specialty (slalom, series of tight corners, step ups, etc.)

h. 1:00pm – Lunch

- Lunch on the track with discussion and insights on the morning activity deepen nutrition, physical preparation, bike and suspension setting and maintenance

h. 2.30pm – Afternoon:
- Split of the Enduro track in different sectors, the more tricky ones
- Deepening of the riding technique relative to every sector and evaluation of the skills of every single rider, with analysis of the most common mistakes looking at the tips to improve the driving technique.
- Lap timing and best laps putting in practice the skills learned
- Final summary of the concepts learned during the day and final discussion**

**The day split could vary as the skills of the riders increase, with deepening of speed and lap times.


- Regular MX / EN License
- If under18 the rider have to be accompanied by a parent authorized to sign a statement
- Technical Equipment and complete protection gear*
- Enduro bike perfectly working and in good general conditions*

*Along with courses we give you the opportunity to rent bikes and complete clothing for a daily price of € 150.00 (bike + clothing, protections and helmet)


• 1st maintenance of the bike: which are the basic rules to have always a bike ready to race.
• The approach to the Cross and Enduro tests and the main safety rules.
• Illustration of the proper clothing and the protective gear.
• The position on the bike, on the pegs and sit.
• Acceleration and braking, which are the right gears.
• Approaching the corner: the right gear and the management of the throttle.
• Different types of corners.
• Obstacles: technique to approach them and the weight management.


• Brief overview on the preparation of the bike before every training.
• Brief summary of the safety on all the tracks and overview of the off-road clothing and protection gear.
• Setting your bike according to the track: suspensions and mechanics.
• Position on the bike: improvement of it in every situation, acceleration, braking and corners
• Braking point: deepening the technique to delay it and get faster corners.
• Corners: improve speed and throttle management in every type of corner.
• Approaching obstacles, counterslopes and difficult tracks.
• Starting without the gate and first corner.
• Management analysis of the training session.


• Suspensions, how to prepare the setting for any terrain
• Brief overview on the preparation of the bike before every training and before the race
• Refinement of the technique and the position on the bike at high speed and in the narrow, standing on the pegs and sit.
• Braking hard in racing conditions. Analysis of the latest braking point and management of the front and rear brake for different size of corners.
• Management and use of the throttle on the corner.
• The start: technique, management of the throttle and the first corner.
• Obstacles, counterslopes and jumps: how to approach them at high speed.
• Management analysis of the training sessions
• Race Strategy and management of the track line.