MX Trainer



(from € 120,00 per day for groups of more than 3 riders)
The Enduro excursion and the extreme hike are targeted to drivers who want to surround themselves with nature and enjoy the pleasure of driving off-road in the mountains or to improve their technique and learn the secrets of driving in rough and unpredictable conditions.

The knowledge and experience of our coaches of hundreds of kilometers of off-road routes will take you in the most fascinating excursion ideal for the Enduro training at any level and for any driving skills level: from scenic trips for beginners and amateurs to extreme trainings for experts who want to test themselves on the hardest tracks ever. To dip into the green landscape and extreme tracks through the mountains, surrounded by dense forests, you need a good technique and a good driving experience useful to find even new solutions to overcome any obstacle and that will be refined in the morning before each tour or improvised at the time in case of unforeseen obstacles present on the way.
Tours will take place in different locations and Italian regions, at always new and different altitude from the ground up to 1.700mt from sea level.
In relation to temperature and weather conditions the tours will not be available in the winter season, given the high possibility to find dangerous snow-covered roads.

The excursion formula could be one day (usually Saturday or Sunday) or a weekend of two days including an overnight stay in a hotel.
There is also the possibility to organize groups of riders up to a maximum of 6 per day, with opportunity of having 2 coaches simultaneously. (the maximum number of riders per instructor is 3 in order to avoid mess and be able to travel without spoiling excessively the environment or having to stop too often).

Our schools may provide transportation to the starting point for both bike and rider (with a small charge) and we give the opportunity to rent bikes and complete clothing for a daily price of € 150,00 + € 20,00 per rider.


The excursion schedule could be different in according to the riders ability and the morning-afternoon activities will be different in case of scenic rides or extreme Enduro training.

The start will be at 9.00am from the starting point where the riders will take the road for the scheduled location.

Approximately at 1:00pm for every trip there will be a lunch break in a typical restaurant during which there could be a discussion on: the morning behavior, nutrition, physical preparation, bike and suspension setting and maintenance, etc.

The tour will end at 5:00pm with the return of the riders to the starting point and a final briefing with a summary of the skills learned during the day and a final discussion on it.