MX Trainer


Motocross and Enduro are two very special disciplines: technique and driving skills are essentials and the lap times are the result of a series of components including speed, stability, reactivity and absence of errors. MxTrainer addresses to all those who want to deepen, refine and improve their technical skills with the bike, but also to those who approach for the first time this sport and want to begin to learn the basics and the fundamentals to be able to start using their dirtbikes in the proper way. To compete at the highest level you need good experience, a focused training method as well as a good knowledge of the techniques and the secrets needed to improve your lap time and maximize the speed in any situation. MxTrainer set himself the task of helping all the riders to achieve their ambitions and goals, providing the experience of our certified instructors from the Italian Motorcycle Federation, gained in many years of success in national and international events. 

Therefore we propose 3 different course mode, each of which have different features for beginners, intermediate and experts riders:
•    Motocross Courses
•    Enduro Courses
•    Mountain Excursions

Each course has different features and is aimed at achieving different objectives. They can be performed during a single day (generally Saturday or Sunday) or throughout the weekend, individually or in groups of maximum 12 riders, with 2 coaches (to avoid mess and to be able to work accurately and concretely).
Off-road schools are open to children aged up to 6 years old, who can learn a sport in close contact with nature having fun and being able to find many new friends.
For all the riders who don’t have a dirtbike yet, we can provide a full motorcycle rental with different engine sizes and full clothing gear, in order to get closer to this sport without having to buy all the material before being able to experience the thrill of the off-road motorcycling.
The rental service is also aimed at whose who already having a dirtbike want to try a different engine size or want to experience an Enduro hike in the Italian mountains.

Upon request, our instructors organize courses during the week.